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Circuit diagram extracts of the DEQ2496 (reverse engineered):

Unfortunately, neither the DEQ2496 schematics nor the Service Manual are available. I requested Behringer but they would not release them. The only way to draw the circuits is to trace them and it's a painful job. You'll find below a few DEQ2496 circuit diagram extracts I've traced for my own understanding and use.

If you have other parts of the schematics to share, please contact me. The source will remain confidential. ;-)

Software for DEQ2496:

Useful or interesting web sites:

Quelques sites web en français intéressants ou utiles :

Most critical electronic components used in the DEQ2496 :

(2) Analog Devices ADSP-21065L Sharc 32bit DSP,2121,ADSP-21065L,00.html

(1) Triscend TA7S04-60QC 32bit System chip

(1) AKM AK5393VS 24 bit 96KHz A/D converter

(1) AKM AK4393VF 24 bit 96KHz DAC

(1) AKM AK4524VF 24 bit 96 KHz CODEC

(1) AKM AK4114VQ 24 bit 192KHz Digital Audio Interface Transceiver

(17) JRC NJM4580 Dual Operational Amplifier

(1) TOP245Y TOPSwitch-GX Family (switch mode controler)

For DEQ2496 version 2:

(1) ADSP-BF531 400 MHz Low Cost Blackfin Processor
(replace Triscend chip),2877,ADSP-BF531,00.html