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miniCLOCK Schematics and Parts

miniCLOCK schematics: version 1.1
I regularly update this schematic. Please check once in a while for updates.
Parts and references (BOM) are included with the diagram.

The complete Kit or the PCB are out of stock. I plan to build a miniCLOCK v2 using a new concept and design when I'll have some free time. Stay tuned!

Double side, coper gold plated with silkscreen, size: 25x24mm.
Le circuit imprimé est double face à trous métalisés, étamés à l'or fin et avec sérigraphie. Il mesure 25x24mm.


miniCLOCK Version 1.1 : Added a 10uH inductor at input.

miniCLOCK with 5v TCXO and power :

You can use the miniCLOCK to power a 5v digital device. Jitter will be +8ppm.

Part changes sugestion for more power (need 9v at input):

  • C1 : replaced with Oscon SA 47uF/16V (Farnell 9188673) - Yes, you will have enought space !!!
  • C3 : replaced with 100uF X5R /6V3 (Farnell 1358552)
  • C4 : replaced with 47K 0805 resistor, try to get 50ppm PHYCOMP TC50 (Farnell 1500720)
  • Q1 : Farnell now have a 24,576Mhz cristal available from RAKON (Farnell 9712194). It work with 5v.
  • IC1 : LT1761-5

You can addjust voltage at cristal output with C4 (replaced with a 47K resistor). The design will take 30mA.