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miniAnalog Input and Output boards for the DEQ2496

I started to work on a new project for the DEQ2496.

You can follow the ongoing project on this thread taken from the nice and friendly DIYAudio forum.

The aim is to offer new audiophile analog input and output stages for the DEQ2496 with consumer level signals in mind. These boards completely bypass the original analog board from Behringer with no modification on the stock hardware. Others hardware connectors from the DEQ2496 can still be used (AUX output, digital input/output, MIDI and microphone).

The miniAnalog Input board

This board will fit verticaly on the DEQ2496 DSP board. The flat cable going to the Behringer analog board fits on top of it. A second connector is here to plug the optional miniAnalog output board. Just wire two RCA plugs on the last connector and let it run.

The miniAnalog Output board

This second board takes care of the DAC output. It will be pluged on the first input board verticaly. Again, Just wire two RCA plugs on the output connector and let it run.